Monday, September 1, 2014

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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Unusual Birthday Gift for My Father

It was the morning of September 18, 1942. My mother, Violet Beulah Chenoweth, was planning to give my father, Roy Marion Chenoweth, a very unusual birthday gift.

Having gotten pregnant during January, my mother had hoped the timing would be right for her to give birth on that day--my father's 38th birthday. When she awoke she was disappointed that she was not entering labor, and her hopes were not likely to come true. My mother, however, was not one to allow nature to deprive her of what she desired. She was determined to give birth on that day.

So, early in the morning on September 18, 1942 my nine-months pregnant mother went to the shed, brought out the manual lawn mower and proceeded to mow the lawn. Her years of experience as a Registered Nurse gave her the idea that strenuous exercise could accelerate labor. Apparently she was correct.

Later that afternoon my parents went to St. Lukes Hospital in Boise, Idaho where, at 9:43 that evening, my mother delivered the most unique and long-lasting gift that he ever received. They named the gift Bruce Wesley Chenoweth.

I heard this story repeated many times on the anniversary of that day as my father and I shared in the celebration of our births. It helped make the day even more special for both of us. As it turned out, it was also the most special and enduring birthday gift I ever received.

As I write this, there are 19 more days until my 72nd birthday. This one is unique to me, as my father passed on at about 71-1/2 years of age. Seems like something special should take place on this one. Maybe get a cupcake and a candle and go hang out near my parent's grave for a while. I doubt that it will mean much to them--but it will help me remember how grateful I am for the life they gave me.

Friday, September 30, 2011

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My personal favorites are Formula C; Future 200 and #22 blend of Sea Vegetation.
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